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Wireless Recommendations

Any recommendations for wireless Networks? What about internet filtering? cheers Darren

Mark Cockrell
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Internet Filters

Hey Darren,

  I don't have much expertise with wireless stuff in the enterprise, but for the most part I stick with Cisco in that arena.  As for Internet content filters, I really like OpenDNS for a bare-bones, outsourced, free solution.  I use it both at home and at work.  If you want an appliance in-house that you can tweak, I'm a big fan of Untangle. It's a combination of free, open source, and commercial subscription components. (check out our interview with their Founder and CTO)  I've also used DansGuardian both at home and at work.  It's a little clunky to manage, but very functional.

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Wireless Network...

I would recommend Aruba Networks Wireless Controller and Access Points. We installed a controller and 75 APs in our school district last summer...very secure and installation is simple.

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We too have Aruba controllers and AP's setup on our campuses. They do work and we haven't had any issues with them. We had a company set them up and install them, so we haven't had to touch them or change any configs. However, I have logged in the web app several times and I have to say that it seems that without being a wireless expert, I don't feel as I can do too much config changes. That is my biggest complaint about Aruba.

I sat through a webinar with Meraki last week. I was very excited about their wireless AP's. They have a cloud managed system, so no on site controllers to manage. The interface is very, very easy to use.  

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