Not quite a standing desk....

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Mark Cockrell
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Not quite a standing desk....

After our talk with Travis Saunders about what it really means to be sedentary (actually, during the conversation) I decided to purchase a small exercise bike to put under my desk at work.  The idea is that every time kick it, or it gets in my way I'll be reminded to spin it a few times to get the blood flowing a bit.  The unit I bought has a little digital display on it that tells me how much time I've spent using it, and so far I'm averaging about an hour of use per day.  That's not strenuous exercise, but it's an hour of movement a day that has replaced being entirely sedentary.  It cost less that $60 and I've been very pleased with the purchase.


Shawn Kibel
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Exercise Bike

Love it!  I saw your tweet and thought it was very cool.  I would buy one if I ever got a chance to sit behind my desk!!  Keep pedaling baby!!!!!

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Here's a picture of my new standing desk, inspired by the same podcast!  Go us!

Kevin McKibben
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Feels good to stand


I have a portable labtop stand at home at which I stand or it is used while peddling a stationary bike.

Had been wanting to get out of my chair at the office and stand as well and was trying to work out how to work in a laptop stand.  Heard your description on EDL of your stand and was immediately inspired.  I built 2 units so that I can type and write at need.  Now if I can get a plan table in place I won't need chair until I get sore footed.

Thanks for the illumination and dedication the podcast.


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What a great idea!  I actually had to sit for a bit the other day because I didn't have a convenient way to take some notes. Building a second desk extension is a great idea!

Thanks for the picture, the idea, and for listening!


Host, 1 Meal - 1 Workout

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