Developing Talent

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Developing Talent

Having listened to the show 'Developing Talent', and having a couple of promising HS students at my disposal I'm wanting to make the most of their enthusiasm and get them started off on the right foot.

My biggest hurdle has been finding a time-filler for them.  It's not every day that I have something that they're capable of doing, or that I can step away from what I'm doing to work with them on a teaching exercise.  While I do try to plan ahead and bank some things it doesn't always work out perfectly (and the time sensitive nature of our work doesn't help).

What I'd love to do is utilize our Moodle to create a 'Student Tech' course that I can build a repository of activities and learning materials for them to work on when I don't have anything on the table.  

What I'm looking for:

Sites with tutorials/training materials on various aspects of technology.

They would need to be geared toward the entry-level technician or even better High School student.

Anything else that would be useful/neat for them to learn.

I'd like to avoid simply tossing an O'reilly book at them, since it's just a bit too dry for their level.

Mark Cockrell
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Re: Developing Talent

Have you checked out  Lots and lots of great stuff there- some entry-level, some a bit more advanced. 

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Have you tried this site:

Have you looked @  It is a paid site, but you can do some of the lessons for free.  I am considering getting a subscription to this. 

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