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Kevin McKibben
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Been a fan of TWT and EDL for many months now as I have delved into Linux and learning all I can.  I am working to move my career into the Tech world from the project management world.  My goal is to find a project management job on the tech side and move towards more into a tech career.  Virtualization appeals to my frugal / philosophical approach to many things.

What would be the best place to begin reading / learning about virtualization?

Thanks in advance for your help.

p.s.  Listening to TWT episode 34 Virtualization as I write this.  Love the shows!


Shawn Kibel
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Virtualization learning



Thanks for the kind words!  We love hearing from our listeners and appreciate your support.  


With that said, on to your question.  I like going to the source to get my info so I landed here when searching for the same info:


I still get their emails with their latest webinar/training sessions and they are not spammy.  VMWare's site has a lot of great information available and a community to learn from.  Hope this helps....


Warmest Regards,

Shawn Kibel


Element Opie Productions

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