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Book flights in advance, at least 2-3 months before departure. The earlier you book a flight, the cheaper it will cost you a plane ticket.

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When booking flights online, use a credit card Visa or Master Card. Either by electronic money - it will be cheaper. Booking flights via the Internet is an absolutely safe procedure, most importantly, under no circumstances, under any pretext, do not inform the unauthorized persons of your credit card number!
The order of round-trip air tickets is much cheaper. Frequently the cost of a plane ticket to one side is practically the same as the price there.
Try to book a plane ticket on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. These days, as a rule, you can buy air tickets cheaper than on weekends or on Monday.
Try to look for airline tickets to neighboring dates. It is possible that ordering tickets for the aircraft for the next date will cost you significantly cheaper. Use the price calendar on our website - in it you can see the prices of air tickets for neighboring dates.
Try to change the city of departure / arrival. It often happens that it is more advantageous to book an air ticket from a neighboring city, and to reach it by land transport.
To book a plane ticket cheaply, regularly monitor the prices and special offers of airlines. To do this, subscribe to our newsletter, and we will regularly send you the latest information on airfares.
The flight must be paid within 24 hours from the moment of booking. Otherwise, the reservation will be canceled.
For return or rebooking of air tickets, contact the agency where you booked a plane ticket. And, the earlier you notify the agency about it, the better. Contact details of the agency can be found in the booking confirmation letter.
Do not book tickets on questionable websites. Our search engine is very attentive to the choice of partners and guarantees the reliability of all agencies with which it operates.
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