Seth's Bitcon Refferal list

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Seth's Bitcon Refferal list

This first one is for creating a bitcoin wallet.  If you use this link, you get a $10.00 bonus when you purchase at least $100.00 of bitcoins, plus I get a $10.00 bonus a well.  You can create the wallet in a matter of just a minute or two.  If you link it with a bank account to fund it, this can take a few days.  In that respect it is much like opening a brokerage account at a site like or


These are bitcoin investment links.  The top two are two of the ones I have found with the highest reputation in the online community.  I have not yet put money into them, because they have a .1 bitcoin min.  The bottom two have pretty low reps, but were the first ones I came across and have put a little of my money in.  Please note all these are speculative in nature.  I have only "invested" money I consider play money, and am ok if I loose it all.  -  I have put some money in this one.  I will let you know. -  I have money in, and have taken some out.  So far, so good.  - This one is a scam.  Stay away.  - This one is a scam.  Stay away.  - It has a .001 bitcoin min.  It accrues interest into an account on their site every hour.  In order to pull out your deposit, you have to pull out at least .5 bitcoin, and they charge a 9% fee.  I have money in this one, but it is not enough to pull out yet.  This is the first one I found online and tried.  I don't want to call it a scam yet, as it will be a year before I reach the withdrawal threshold.  I don't plan to put any more in it.  - This is another site with a .001 min.  I am calling this one a scam.  My withdrawals have been pending for over a week.


BitCoin Faucets - These sites give you a small quanity of bitcoins for visiting them.  Be sure to click on a link while you are there, as that is how they get money to provide bitcoins.


These two will build up a balance on their sites and pay out Monday (bitcoinaliens) Tuesday (paidbooks) morning if you reach 20000 Satochis.


These use the Paytoshi micro-payment site:

less than a minute

1 minute

60 minute

720 minutes

780 minutes


These sites use the FaucetBox micro-payment site:

5 minutes

15 minutes


90 minutes

120 minutes

180 minutes

240 minutes


750 minutes

800 minutes

950 minutes

1050 minutes

1100 minutes