Picking a distro?

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Picking a distro?

although i'm a noob in linux, this is not the case for windows. This Christmas I will be finishing my BSN in school and i really want to make a break from windows. I am designing a completely new home network from the ground up as i will soon have the funds to finally be able to make this happen. I have noticed that there are several distros that tend to dominate as far as being Noob friendly and yet powerful for the superuser, while having a good base of software out of the box.  Fedora, Ubuntu, Mint, opensuse, or at least these are the ones that everyone seems to talk about. My question is Why do i not here that much about Debian? Although i know ubuntu and mint are debian based, there just doesn't seem to be a bunch of press about Debian like other Distros. Why is this? If Ubuntu and Mint (EDL's favorite) are debian based then what is wrong with Debian? Is it harder to configure, or use, or something else that im not in the know about?


software for....

a boris box? a one off distro? entangled? PF sense? Debian?


for a NAS? Debian-backuppc, owncloud, plex


a desktop PC: Debian, ubuntu, mint, fedora? must be able to install a graphics card from invida for gaming


would it not be a smart idea to have the same operating system on all of these devices so that the user only has to learn and master one OS?

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Boris box software?

Ebox, is found in debian repositories and also at zentyal . org

what do you guys think of this one?


Greg Smith
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Debian.  My understanding is

Debian.  My understanding is that it is more difficult to get set up than Ubuntu, Mint, etc.  But Debian is rock solid. You put it in place on a server and basically leave it alone except for any security patches.  I think it's also mainly meant as a server distro.

For Ubuntu, Mint, etc, these are actively developed to be super user friendly.  That's why you are hearing about these.

I feel that it is beneficial to have the same distro on each of those boxes.  If not the exact same distro, at least the same family of distros.  This makes it easier to support.  If you stick to the same exact distro, you would be able to apply any changes to each box.  You'd also be able to script your maintenance on those boxes.

Hope this helps.

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