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let's geek out #networkgeeking

Is link aggregation even worth thinking about when designing a new gigabit home network from the ground up? If so is it better to get motherboards with dual nic's or pcie cards with multi-nic's

Gigabit Managed vs not managed switches? When do you need/have to use managed? $$$

If doing a boris box, with cashing and add blocking, can a motherboard with dual built in nic's be used...

What is your different opinions on the ultimate home network without going stupidly expensive with it...

Mark Cockrell
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Link Aggregation

I've played with this quite a lot and never really found it to be useful.  If you're bonding together two or more switches, then it could be worth the effort and processing overhead, but for desktop or even server use, it's not worth it.  In my experience you can't really use the additional bandwidth due to some other bus limitation within the box itself.

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