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***Moderator Edit:  Moving this to a new sub-forum specifically for the EDL app****

Hello everyone I am new here, not new to Everyday Linux though. My name is Qaiser, pronounced "Ky-Sir" :-)


Anyway just wanted to share EDL app for Android that I developed. I started it as a learning experience when I started learning Android Development. I only listen to this show so the end result is pretty useful for me personally. Don't know if it'd be same for anyone else.


Here's the apk file if someone wants to try:


Couple of Notes:

1. If you tap the play button without first downloading episode it'll stream but if you tap it after downloading it'll play the episode from local storage.

2. 'Pause' button  pauses the playback (No surprise there) but 'tap & hold' on the same button for a couple of seconds causes it to stop.


Known Issues so far:

1. It does not automatically pause/resume playback when you receive a call. (Will fix ASAP).


If you try it please do let me know if you find any bug. Also let me know if you want any feature to be added as in its current state it pretty basic.



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my 2 cents...

Hey guys, for some ideas on the app... Check out podcast republic on android play store. I liked all the ideas from the podcast brainstorming. I really think that integration of Tapatalk or some other forum software into the app would bring the feature set full circle! What does everybody else in the EDL community think?

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Working on it travis, lets see how it shapes up.

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I just installed the app and like it so far. 

But it wont let me sign up or sign in. Do I use the login creds for the forums here? Because those dont work either. 

I signed up for the forum thinking that was what we were supposed to use.

Would love to able to throw out a comment seeing as I've found myself yelling at my phone while Mark goes off on a tangent sometimes., lol.


Love the show and now liking the app but cant love it as much yet. Looking forward to loving it as much as well.

Mark Cockrell
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Signing in

For now you have to create a separate login account.  I believe the long-term plan is to allow using the Google credentials (since everyone on an Android phone will already have one).

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