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Shawn Kibel
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Report Your Progress

Make an entry here to report, well o.k. brag, about your weight loss / workout progress.

Shawn Kibel
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Finally Weighed Myself



I just weighed myself for the first time in about 4 months.  I recently told you about cutting out non-diet soda from my intake and my elevated activity levels due to me taking care of the kids as a single father.  I am proud to announce I have dropped from 235 to 222.  I would estimate that the switch to diet soda has to account for 5-6 pounds of this and I just started doing that about 3 weeks ago.  I would really like to be between 190-200 pounds at 6' 1".  I know my ideal is a little below that, but I've always been slightly muscular and people tell me I'm starting to look sickly when I get below 190.  So, I have a little way to go still.  What is so exciting about this is that the changes I've made in my diet and activity have not pained me at all.  I like the Diet Mt. Dew and love spending time with and taking care of my kids.  Other than that, I'm still eating all the great foods I love.  Thanks again for providing that little bit of extra motivation I needed!


222 and counting,


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Awesome work Shawn!  I'm sure that 200ish is probably a great weight for you.

I'm hoping that tomorrow morning when I do my "official-un-official" weigh-in, I'll break into the 230s.  My eating was pretty lax this week, but we'll see what happens!

Keep up the great work!


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