Getting active without exercising

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Getting active without exercising

How do you get yourself up off the couch without actually "exercising"? For example, I just washed my wife's car. It was very nice weather out since it's gotten to be late evening, and I got out there with some music and actually had a good time while going fast enough to both beat the sun setting and work up a sweat. I'm a big believer in cleaning as a form of fitness. Vacuuming, hauling things into the basement or attic, making beds, or anything that keeps me on  my feet may as well pull double duty to help me keep myself focused on being active!

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Try this...

Host a birthday party for your just-turned 5 year old.   That's a workout, for sure.

Mark Cockrell
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My Lazy Saturday

This is a four-day weekend because of the holiday, and today I had the house to myself for the bulk of the day because my wife and kids were out doing their own thing.  I was laying on the couch watching a movie and boredom eating when I thought, "What am I doing!!!???"   It's so easy to let a "relaxing" day become a "couch potato" day.  So, I got up, went to the hardware store for a few items and spent the rest of the day working in my garage.  I got some good exercise, did a great deal of sweating, and at the end of the day, I have some accomplishments to point to.  That's better on every level than sitting on the couch watching movies I've already seen and eating just to eat.

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I must say...

I'm proud of you!  I mean that in the least-cheesy, least-weird, way possible.  Good job.  The war is truly all in your head, and you won the battle today!

Shawn Kibel
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Single Dad

I'm a recently minted, full custody, single father of a 4 year old and 9 month old.  I have found that my activity levels have gone through the roof since then.  Couch potato sessions are no longer an option either.  While I have no science to back it up, I would guess that my daily caloric requirements must have increased at least 30% or more.  The funny thing about being more active is that, after a little while doing it, you start to have more energy than you did before.  Falling asleep at night is not a problem either.  I haven't had trouble getting to sleep since I've been doing this.  While I can't advise people to run off and get a divorce, I can say that the more time you spend with your kids, the more calories you are going to burn.

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