EDL #23 - Ask the Experts



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  This week the guys answer the questions of a relative Linux Noob, Tom Little, and try to get him a little further down the road to Linux Nirvana.



Lifehacker Command Line Primer

Hacker Evolution: Untold









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Update cycle? We don't need no steenking update cycle.

Welcome to Linux, Tom! I hope you realize that now that we have you on the Penguin side you may hate going back to a Windows machine in teh future. cheeky

I recently moved to Linux Mint Debian Edition and there's no update cycle for it. It's on a rolling release so I never have to worry about blowing my system away for an update, although I need to decide how to get a proper install when LMDE KDE comes out, hopefully next month. Right now I've got KDE bolted on top and I'm already loving it.

I have no problem copy and pasting folders in the Folder pane of Dolphin. In Places or the Info pane I can't do it but with the Folder pane I can do things just like I used to do with Windows. As for renaming goes I can't slow click to rename, but I can hit F2 as you mentioned or right click and select Rename...