Everday Linux, Ep. 2 - Ubuntu Extras



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In this episode Chris and Josh examine some of the add-on software available for Ubuntu Linux, tacking every-day tasks such as organizing your music and photos and managing your social media accounts.









Ubuntu One




You find the plug-in for BuddyPress that makes that possible, and I'll install it, Garrett.

Most, if not all of the software mentioned can be installed simply by searching the Ubuntu Software Center. That's why I didn't post any specific links.

Yeah, I understand. Could you at least put up the names of all the programs mentioned, maybe?

The program that bears the name "YChat" in its titlebar is actually silverex's build of XChat. the open-source XChat code has the program's name changed to YChat everywhere to dispel any confusion between third-party builds and the official one. Silverex just doesn't change it before making his builds. There is another third-party build of XChat, called XChat-WDK, which has more features than silverex's build and is built differently. I used silverex's build for a good while and never had any issues with it, but the comparison chart that XChat-WDK's developer has on its site tends to sway me, so I primarily use his version now. (See http://code.google.com/p/xchat-wdk/wiki/InfoComparison )

Mark, could you put up some links to [at least some of] the programs that were mentioned?

I've added everything I can remember at the moment with links to their project site.

Oh also, it might be worth mentioning that Ubuntu 10.10 replaced F-Spot with a similar-purpose program called Shotwell.

Not saying that you need to mention it -- I just thought I would. (I would *really* appreciate being able to edit my comments!)

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Once I realized the bluebonnet thing was a joke I immediately laughed. And I'm a Louisiana native, although I did spend a scholastic year in Waxahachie about 30 years ago.
I loved Do when I was a Ubuntu user and I'm glad to see the Run Command Interface in KDE so I can run a similar tool (I even changed the hotkey to Super-Space so i don't have to learn a new shortcut). There's a similar tool in Win7? What is it? I'd love to tell my Win7 running friends, not to mention using it when I have to use their comps.
There is one more tool I would have mentioned in this show: Ubuntu Tweak. It was my favorite tool for tweaking my Ubuntu system before I left Ubuntu for Mint KDE.