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The Bacon Bit

with our love of all things Bacon, maybe have a section in the show called "The Bacon Bit"..??.. think "bacon bits" is trademarked so probably can't use that.



and for the first one..??..

The Bacon Coffin:

Shawn Kibel
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The Bacon Bit

I'm going to work it into this week's show!  Great idea!!!


Thanks for being a listener!


Warmest Regards,

Shawn Kibel

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1050 peices of bacon for your whopper Shawn? Mark?

Burger Kings' in Japan are offering tremendous Whopper bacon deal of 5 extra pieces for only $1.25

As the site says... "It was inevitable that someone would overdo it."

Here is a link to a picture and video of the $87.00 whopper with over a 1000 slices of bacon on it.



I have been a listener since your very first FOG episode. That was a long time ago now that I think about it.

I guess it was about time I threw something into the pile, and what better way than with bacon abuse!


Keep rockin those Linux episodes! I'm learning linux at the moment and love Linux Mint. I'm all moved into my new house now and wouldn't mind doing a "guest listener" appearance after the high school I work at goes on summer vacation.

I'll get in touch with you guys then. Keep up the awesome work!

The Great Hunter of the Wumpus.

Mark Cockrell
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Extreme bacon burger

Clearly this topic will have to show up on a show soon.  I received so many links to this story on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, email and now in the forum.   Geeze... get a reputation for liking bacon and look what happens. ;) We weren't able to field a Periodic Table episode this week, but I'll make sure it makes it into next week's show.

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for the Bacon loving cat owner

for the Bacon loving cat owners out there, this Bacon Bit is for you.


The makers of Fresh Step kitty litter has a product for you, it's the Fresh Step Organic Bacon Litter!! (  )

The power of activated carbon meets the scrumptious scent of freshly cooked bacon.

  • Activated carbon is absorbing and eliminating odors
  • Cat-activated clay provides pleasing sizzle sound
  • Scrumptious bacon scent makes your mouth water

Powerful odor control with a dash of salted meat.

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Move over Snooki, there are new kids in town


Breakfast meats TV: A bacon reality show

Bacon-lovers rejoice: There’s an upcoming reality show catering to your (salty) needs.

LMNO Productions is developing a reality show revolving around all-things bacon, according to

The as-yet-untitled show will feature Justin Esch and Dave Lefkow, also known as “The Bacon Boys” — whose company, J&D’s Foods, which is based on Seattle, is in the business of making everything taste like bacon.

They are best known for their Bacon Salt. And their latest product, the Bacon Coffin, was unveiled recently and will be featured on the series, according to the report.

“In the great American tradition of making the ridiculous even more ridiculous-er, we at J&D’s Foods look forward to joining the ranks of Snooki, the Kardashians and Flavor Flav as America’s next great reality TV stars,” Esch and Lefkow told


Read more:

Shawn Kibel
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Re: Breakfast Meats TV

J&D's is awesome!  I would love to see those guys on a show.  They obviously must have a great sense of humor!

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