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Mark Cockrell
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Introduce Yourself

Make this your first stop in the EDL forums and introduce yourself to the hosts and your fellow listeners.  Say "hi,"  we're nice people (except maybe for the pantless one.)

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Greetings from Beantown!

Hi, y'all! I discovered your podcast from a comment on a post on my own blog and I have to say I'm loving what I'm hearing so far. I'm in the process of working my way through the last three episodes of EDL and when I heard #4 today I caught your comment about the podcast being for home users. I'm a home user since my disability keeps me from working a day job, and I love computers and Linux so I may be part of your target audience although I am admittedly a computer geek.

I'm originally from New Orleans (thus my love of using y'all) although I've been i Boston for about 20 years now.

I left Windows for Ubuntu back in November of '07 but a year ago I got tired of some of the decisions being thrust on us by The Spaceman and started looking at other distros. I ended up moving to Linux Mint 10, also making the switch to KDE from Gnome and I can't say I've been happier with my system. Unfortunately my (old, third-hand) comp finally died earlier this year and while I managed to save my hard drives I'm stuck with out a box of my own. Luckily I can run Mint from a flash drive and have managed to create a persistent LiveUSB so I can keep my settings although one day I hope to at least buy a nice 8gb flash drive and do a proper install to it so I can customize the system fully instead of fighting against the space limits of my 4gb drive.

Thanks for creating the EDL podcast. I listened to a few podcasts when I ran Ubuntu but when I switched to Mint/KDE I've had to look for podcasts that won't bore me with focusing on Ubuntu or Gnome week after week. EDL is now the third Linux podcast I enjoy every week on my DMP and I look forward to hearing all of the shows you guys (and gal) have coming in the future. I especially loved hearing about OpenSuse, and I snagged the pilot so I can hear all of the EDL episodes you guys have made so far.

Keep up the great work, y'all!


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New Listener

Hi guys.  I have been listening for a few weeks.  I have been catching up on old shows.  I really liked the descriptions of Fedora and OpenSuse.  I am a medium Linux user.  Pretty happy with Linux Mint and Knoppix.  I make a point of trying different distros and see what I like and don't like.  I was wondering if you can talk about servers in the home (Media servers, personal web servers and backup servers).  I am also going to get the Tightwad Tech podcasts on FOG.  I have been intrerested in it, but never got it off of the ground.  I am an IT administrator for a manufacturing company of nuts and bolts.  




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Not sure what to put here..

I started listening to this show a couple weeks back, just so I could tell my brother (Chris) that I have listened to his radio show, (which I might add he name drops into conversations sometimes) While I am probably not your normal demographic for a listener as most of the stuff you guys talk about goes way above my head and than some. I do enjoy listening so you got yourselves a new listener, and yes some of the reason I am listening is to possibly have more things to make fun of Chris about. I joke but seriously...


Good show guys keep um comming.

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Hello from Cape Town

As a tech junkie I'm probably living in the wrong country.  However, if I lived in the US or Europe I would probably have a house full of gadgets but nothing in the fridge.  After 20 years of traveling as a Coach Tour Guide, I finally followed my passion and now have a couple of computer shops in my area.

I love Linux though it drives me crazy because there is just too much choice.  If there was such a thing as a "Distro Hoppers Rehab", I would be a regular patient.  I always end up back on Ubuntu.

I really enjoy Element Opie's Everyday Linux & Art Of Podcasting.  I'm going to give a few more show a try.

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Hello from the UK

Just wanted to to say hi now I have been able to join.  I have been playing around with Linux on and off for about 9 years give or take and am now looking to get to using it again in the near future once I can decide on a Distro.

I really enjoy the show and have been catching up on all the episodes and look forward to listening to them for a long time to come.

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Welcome QM

Glad you found us.  We are currently taking a few weeks off while our fearless leader gets settled in after his cross-country move.  That gives you some time to get current.

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Hi mark and the crew

I `m from Newcastle under lyme,in England and I really don`t know what to say,I am a ex computer repair guy who has been listening to the Everyday linux and Tightwad tech `casts for what seems like an age now.

I have also very recently started to listen to the Art of podcasting `cast which I have found to be very informative,

Anyway as I said I am an ex computer repair guy and am now considering a return to it.

I have been a linux user on and off since the days of ubuntu 4.10 yes i'm that old,i am now settled for the time being with Solusos and i think it is great.

So that`s it for now hope to see you around the forums.

 Keep up the good work.


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Hello - hello from Frankfurt am Main / Germany

Hey you,

I enjoy listening to your shows. I like "EDL" and "Periodic Table" the most, but I also sometimes listen to "Tightwad Tech" and "1 Meal 1 Workout" .

Keep up you entertaining and informative shows and way of presenting. It's lately my everday podcast-content for my way to work.

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Hey Wizace!

Thanks for listening and for the encouraging feedback.  Hey at least ONE of my shows made your top two.  :)

Thanks again!!


Former Fat Guy

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Thanks for the great shows.

I've been listening to several different Linux podcasts over the last couple of months, and yours have settled in to be some of my favorites. I find them more helpful to me as a defacto IT guy in a SMB family business. I like both EDL and Tightwad Tech.

I'm sending you an email question for the show if you want to use it.

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Hi from Australia

Hi Mark, Seth, Chris and Aaron,

First I want to say you guys are doing a GREAT job! EDL is the first podcast I've ever listened to (and I've listened to quite a few) where I've felt compelled to write in and connect with the hosts. I catch myself speaking out with a Windows command or option when everyone on the show is wracking their brain and googling for the answer. Your show is engaging, humorous and enlightening and it makes me feel like I'm sitting in a room with you all. Fantastic!

A little about me. My name is Alister. I'm a sys admin and tech support for a Windows network (a local government organization) to pay the bills and a graphic designer/web designer to have 'fun money' after hours (gotta love the economy). I've been using Windows since primary school and I'm about as comfortable in it as an old favorite shirt.

Linux was introduced to me by a university lecturer who used it as a platform for a sys admin course (fedora from memory). It was like pulling teeth. Not only did I have to learn the content of the course, I had to do it in this foreign system that didn't understand simple DOS commands (how rude).

Fast forward a decade later and that uni lecturer had left me with enough curiosity about this system that my stubbornness and pathological need to tinker made me set up a dual boot so I could master this strange beast and hopefully wear-in a new favorite shirt. I started with fedora again and wasn't captivated but was just in time to catch the changeover of Ubuntu from Gnome to Unity. Took a while to acclimatize to Unity but it still felt like it was only half way to what I wanted it to be. Combining this with driver issues on my 'switchable graphics card' laptop and motivation was again gone. Left it there for another year or so but still  downloaded each subsequent Ubuntu distro and VM'd them over windows just to keep a taste going.

About 8 weeks ago I jumped on distrowatch while procrastinating from something more important (can't remember what) and saw that Mint had taken over Ubuntu as the number one visited distro. My interest was peaked and before I knew it mint was downloading. 

8 weeks on I have persevered and resolved the 'switchable graphics' issue and am happily running Mint 14 Cinnamon (still as a dual boot, but give me time) and looking to transition to Linux as my home (and home business) OS of choice.

I came across your show via the BeyondPod app on my Android phone when searching for Linux resources to fuel my daily commute (first one I listened to was #87 LXDE). My first though was "That music sounds a bit like the TopGun soundtrack". I didn't have a second thought because I was thouroughly carried away by your ramblings. EDL is now fueling my commute, my yard care work (40 acres!), my fitness training, and any other time I can afford to be antisocial as I work through the back catalog. My wife looks at me with a raised eyebrow and a "You already have a perfectly good OS" look of disbelief on her face but she knows by now I'm a tinkerer geek and lets it slide most of the time.

I love your show. Looking forward to everything that follows.


Central Queensland, Australia


Mark Cockrell
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Welcome aboard!

Great to hear from you, Alister! I've been a BeyondPod user for a long time, but don't often use the search function to find new feeds.  After reading your post I did a search for "Linux" and our show came up second on the list.  COOL!  Thanks for being a listener, and for taking the time to comment. 

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Newbie Guy

Hi from the great white north, west coast of Canada!  I've been listening to your podcast and really enjoy them. I've downloaded a bunch of past episodes and listen when I'm out walking my dogs or digging around in the garden. Very entertaining to say the least.  I've been an Apple follower for the past 24 years (hate to say also worked as a certified tech repairing Apple hardware for years but now retired.  Lately I've be getting annoyed with Apple..... I guess they're really no different then any other large corporation....greedy SOB's. Well enough of that, I've also messed about with Linux and many distros without really finding one  that I'm totally comfortable with but I'm sure I'll find one someday.  Currently I have some old boxes running Debian 7.0,  Mint 14, and Fedora 18 (gnome) running on a 7 year old MacBook. I have to really wait until the fall/winter months or a rainy day to dig into Linux more.

Anyways that's me in a nutshell, my other interests are Dogs, two Akitas and one Tosa. Also I'm into cycling (road bike) it's tough here on Vancouver Island with hills and mountains.angry I really look forward to listening to more of your podcasts


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Hey all!
Been listening to everyday Linux for like half a year now and I dig it more and more the less you guys talk about Linux ;-)
I've been learning Linux for about a year and a half and am partway through a bachelor's degree in IT focusing on sysadmin work. I'm a woodworker now and looking for a career change.
Anywho, love the Linux commentary and tips & tricks, as well as the banter on bacon, coffee and bad movies. All some of my favorite things!

My current setup is crunchbang 11 on a 6 year old thinkpad t60. Runs alright but I was actually going to email and ask if you guys think it's possible to run a distro like this in ram and save persistence to a USB drive like is possible with puppy. I'm just very used to crunchbang and would like to avoid spending many hours learning how to customize puppy. Thoughts?

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Hey Guys!

Hey Guys!

I have been listening you for about four months now - ever since I had to start commuting to work.

I just graduated college finishing a degree in chemistry, despite being derailed by a programming hobby that spun out of control.  I ended up getting hired right out of college as a Junior Software Engineer.

I owe my life to linux, because I, being a tightwad myself, know that I would never spend any money on the enterprise tools and licenses provided by microsoft.  Linux was the perfect means to slip into a very fruitful and gratifying hobby - later, a career.  I continue to enjoy the openness and thrift of the linux culture.

When I am not at work, I can be found skateboarding, blogging, or looking after my web server (currently running Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS).

Keep up the great work - this is easily the best linux podcast option I have come across.

- Alex

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Greetings everyone from Amsterdam. I am an Englishman, who is originally from Malvern, Worcestershire, (yes, it is where the sauce comes from) and I have been fortunate to live in the beautiful city of Amsterdam, The Netherlands since 2005. I used to work for Adobe until I was forced to take early retirement in 2008 when I lost most of my sight from glaucoma. There is a bitter irony here because I live in a place where cannabis, (a known relief for glaucoma) is freely available and I don't use it, lol! I got involved with Linux in April 2013 with LMDE Cinnamon. I loved it but it was a little memory hungry for my Fujitsu Siemens AMILO Notebook, so I switched to Crunchbang 11 with the super swift Openbox Window Manager. I am sold on Debian. I liken it to the Labrador dog of the Linux world – reliable! I also have a 15” Mac PowerBook that has Ubuntu 12.04 LTS PPC with a dying HD


In another life time I was living in Tampa Bay and Sarasota areas of Florida for 10 years as a Chef de Cusine in various Bistros and Country Clubs.

A nice place to have a holiday/vacation but it sucks to live there unless you are in those "golden years". So I moved back to the UK with my now dispersed family. After several none kitchen related incarnations and numerous adventures, I finally ended up here in The Netherlands and I will be staying here for the rest of my life. I love this vibrant avant-garde little country. I speak English and Dutch and live with my Bulgarian wife in a quiet area of Amsterdam. I look forward each week to EDL. It is highly entertaining.

Mike N.
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Been listening for a while

Been listening for a while and sent in some listener email.  havent made the dive into a complete linux distro yet but running vm's.  i like mint for my old laptop.  love the rapport you guys have with each other.  i work in a meat market 2 hours north of you Mark on I-75 so if you need some fresh pork chops or briskets, come see me.  sadly we dont make our own bacon.  will try to use your information about disney to take my little girl there soon.  i am in school again for my second degree.  this one is in computer networking so hearing how you guys fare in the real world helps.  seems like the SSDD i deal with at my butcher job.  hope i can join the ranks of you admins soon.  i eagerly await each wed.  

you guys ever thought about doing  a networking podcast?  maybe with messer since he has that network thing.  sorta like the art of podcasting but more a networking side.  setting up home networks, htpc hookups, set top boxes, home servers or nas boxes?  just spitballing here...if you need a noob in the group to ask dumb questions...i might be able to help with that.  LOL.

Mike N.

Greg Smith
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Hello from MD

I've been listening for quite a while, but only about every 3rd show.  I listen on the way to and from work and have a large list of podcasts that I listen to on that commute.  EDL is on that list, but behind some others, not because of the content but because of the length of the show.  I'm losing interest in some of the other podcasts, so EDL has moved up in the list.

I've been a linux user for about 10 years and have been working on some large system running Red Hat for a bunch of years.  I really like the news and the input that the guys put in on these stories.  I also like that you guys don't take yourselves too seriously as far as being linux gurus. Since I have to do pretty much everything on my work systems via ssh, I appreciate the command line godfather's tips.

Keep up the great show.

Pantsless one

Hello from NC, I have only been listening for about a month but in that time have went from June's episodes to September and counting, I live my life in the context of linux as a linux user and hopefully soon to be server admin(already joined the Linux Acadamy). I very much enjoy the shows though I wouldn't complain if they were alot longer. I have been a Linux user for 3 years now and over the last 2 years I made it my main OS only keeping the evil operating system for games that don't support linux yet. As to the Subject I am a long time Rocky Horror Picture Show participant and have been on Cast in my local show for 1 year this month, so pantsless has become a lifestyle since we are a clothing optional event. I also enjoy really bad movies if my last statement didn't make that clear.

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Hello from Indiana

Been listening for about a year. Was a great find when I was doing 40 hours a week of pizza delivery. Now i've been doing IT stuff for 10 months or so.

I'll have more to say later.. : )



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Great Podcast!

Hi guys,

My name is Addy. I host a radioshow/podcast (

I usually dislike podcasts and can't listen to them but a few months ago I was desperately looking for something to listen to while I was at the gym. I stumbled upon your podcast (I work in IT, so the name appealed to me) and lo and behold, I became a fan. I enjoy your tech talk but I also enjoy your random about-life conversations as well. 

You guys do a great show and keep up the good work!


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Hello element opie faithfull

Keep up the good work guys! I still love listening to all the podcasts as they roll out on Wednesdays!

Travis, Caucasian, Virginia, age 33, Medical / Nursing, linux NOOB

forum building a 1935 reproduction all wooden 16' Garwood Speedster in my garage. WHY? Part hobby,part therapy for the soul, as healthcare can be quite stressful. woodworking is something passed down in my family for 5 generations.

Working with computers and being a bit geeky is just something i enjoy and Linux is definitely filling the plate like bacon fills the belly, I just can't get enough!

That will do, podcasters. That will do....

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Truly He Is Risen!
<p>Voistinu Voskrese! Truly He Is Risen!</p> <p>This sunday will be the Feast of the Resurrection of Christ for the second largest (and largely martyred/persecuted now) group of Christian faithful - Eastrn Orthodox --I live and work in&nbsp; western texas for the US ARMY --- I(</p> archlinux and i3 window manager user --- recommend those interested in a highly rated archlinux installer - graphical - see --- 10-20 minutes for complete vanilla archlinux install -- with desktop env. of your choice ... Protopresbyter - El Paso, Tx.
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Hi everyone

Hi my name is Dalton AKA Blacktecnut03  (Black-Tech-Nut-03) and I like the show as well as support the show with funds. I live in Texas right now. So I can relate to some of the Texas rants I hear on the show sometimes. Nice meeting you all.

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Greatings from PA


My name is Zach and I am a Middle School computer teacher.  EDL is one of my favorite podcasts and I look forward to it every Wednesday.  I have been a Linux experimenter for years, but recently made the full switch just as few months ago.  I love to tinker and Linux has given me a great amount of joy and freedom, but I still consider myslef a noob.  Keep up the great work and look forward to interacting with the EDL faithful.

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Hey everyone

I found you searching Podcast addict and I gotta say I love listening to you guys.I download episodes and listen to them while working overnight and on a good night I can get in usually 3 or 4 shows. I love the randomness of the conversations and you guys keep me going throughout the night. Since started listening to you i have went back and started at the first episode I have available and going up from there. Keep up the good work and you almost have me convinced to get a subscription to the Linux Academy even @ 49.

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Greetings from Belgium

Heya Mark, Chris, Seth,

long time listener here... guess I've been listening for over 2 years now. Finally I decided to enter the community. I'm one of these guys regularly shouting at my podcast player (read: old-kracked-smartphone). Never actually replied because I was always riding my bike to or from work when getting all tied up in your discussions. Just found a minute to join now. You'll probably be hearing more from me now (... so now that I'm a member, let the swag come...) ;)

I'm a member of the Belgian (Brussels) hackerspace (, and have been dabbling on my blog ( and in youTube. I'm also a FOSDEM volunteer, so if you would ever end up in Brussels, I'd be glad to serve you a decent beer (being a Belgian one) at our living room table.

See y'all around.

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A new user!

Hello All,

I am a frequent listener to the show, and have just NOW decided to take the time to make an official Element Opie Productions account!   

About me:

I am a musician by trade.  I use linux daily...although I do often use Windows for gaming. (Let the hate comments roll in...)  I was a fairly decent theme designer for many distros, but have since stopped.   I live with my wife in Utah, where I am currently studying music education. 



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Greetings from Somerset UK

Hello to all three,

I'm a really antique listener and grew up long before the days of computers. I took to using a home PC after I retired. I began using Linux with Ubuntu 6.06 although I tinkered with Open Suse about a year before. I used Ubuntu until 10.10 which was followed by the disaster that was early Unity. I then moved on to Mint and am now using Mint 17.3 with Cinnamon. I enjoy the podcast and is my entre' to American culture. I've been listening for about three years 


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