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Mark Cockrell
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!!!Get the app here!!!

I'll always keep the latest version of the app uploaded at this location

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i tried the app but...

I tried the app and it downloaded the pod-cast with ease but I could not find out how to comment on the pod-cast with the app or how to give my feed back on the app ( besides this forum).

Mark Cockrell
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Hi BlackTecNut03,


The UI is still a bit rough and some things aren't very obvious.  Have patience as we work through those issues.  The first step to placing a comment is to create an account.  You do this by clicking the menu option at the top right of the screen and entering a user name and password.  Eventually you'll be able to log in with the Google credentials from your phone and you won't have to create an account.


Once the account is created, you'll be able to reply to existing comments, or make new comments by tapping the + next to the pause button when the episode is playing.  I hope this helps, and thanks for listening!

David S
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3/5 still needs work.

I'm unable to log into the app. However, it's looking very nice.

Mark Cockrell
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Logging In

The login/account creation process is still a work in progress.  You'll need to create a new account from the sign-in menu.  The app doesn't currently doesn't allow using credentials from any other site or service.

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Now it's ZCast

Hey Mark,

as you're too busy, I'll take the liberty of posting the link to the new version (new name) that is now rebranded to ZCast:


Mark Cockrell
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Updated App

I've been replacing the one at my link every time a new APK is created...so I'm not too busy. ;)

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