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Best Bad Movies

I'll kick it off with Tremors. Giant tunneling worms, Kevin Bacon and a gun-toting Mr Keaton and Reba McEntire. Whats not to love? I must confess its one of those movies I have to watch when its on.

Mark Cockrell
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More bad/good movies

Superman III

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Little Shop of Horrors (both versions)

Road House

Legally Blonde

Time Cop (anything with Jean-Claude Van Damme)


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Here are some more...

Wow! I just watched Sharknado (2013, imdb score: 3.7) and it is really hard to beat for a bad movie.

The only one that I know that come close to it is Birdemic (2010, imdb score : 1.9). Curiously, the plot is similar to Sharknado: With no more explanation than global warming, birds begin to attack and kill humans. Instead of going somewhere really safe, like in a house, the heroes decided to hit the road arm with guns and coat hangers (yes, you read right...). All the cinematography mistake that you can think of where made in this movie and much more. To add to the badness, pretty much all the birds of the movie are a copy/paste of the same animated gif... Also, like all really bad movies, it as a sequel: Bidemic 2: The Resurection (2013, imdb score: 2.1). I haven't watch it yet...

If birds are not your taste and you want more Sharks, even though it is not as good/bad as Sharknado, you can watch Sharktopus (2010, imdb score: 3.3). The plot is exactly what the title sounds like: I big company genetically engineered a beast that is half shark, half octopus for the army. Due to really insanely stupid decisions, the Sharktopus goes in a rampage along the coast. This movie give you almost anything you are looking for in a bad movie: ridiculous plot, bad acting, low level special effect, predictability... etc. Also, if you watch it, you will notice that a director of a big company that develop weapons for the army did not follow the simple rules that you talk about in "EDL #106 - Hacking 101" regarding passwords.

Finally, I will give you the next bad movie that is on my list: Black Sheep (2006, imdb score: 5.8). Lets just say that sheeps could become blood-thirsty killers too...

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spaceballs.  do i need to say

spaceballs.  do i need to say more

Mark Cockrell
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Are you trying to insinuate that Spaceballs could ever be classified as a bad movie?  Spaceballs is an AWESOME movie. 

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I may have a winner

I give you Thankskilling...

No really, take it lol

I'll jump on the grenade this weekend and watch it on Netflix and report back. Lord help me.


Mike N.
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hate to say this because i

hate to say this because i used to really like this channel when they played the retro old school sci-fi stuff..but pretty much any drama/action/horror movie produced exclusively for the SyFy channel.  i even had a local boy from here in Chattanooga, TN get his script made into a movie for them but it was kinda rough.  really ever since they changed the name from Sci-Fi to SyFi its never been the same.  And why show wrestling on there anyway???? 

Mike N.
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oh, just saw another one

oh, just saw another one today.  Disaster Movie.  i know its supposed to be one of those cheesy films like scary movies series...but this one was rough, yet i still watched it for an hour.  i have no idea why.

Kevin McKibben
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Really bad movie

Lets go way back.  1977's Empire of the Ants.  Even under the influence of a Schedule 1 controlled substance this film was barely laughable and unintelligible.  Tight fitting clothes on Joan Collins did not help.  They could not even keep the size of the ants consistent from scene to scene (size of a warehouse, size of a large fat man). You gotta see it ....

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What do I win?

This is *THE* absolute best bad movie in existence.

Troll 2

You are welcome.  :)

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It took me a while to recover from Thankskilling. I found a gem on Netflix last night. Battledogs. Think Outbreak meets the Howling. lol

Mark Cockrell
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Bad Kung Fu Lives!!

Ever wondered what would happen if a group of guys who loved the old 1960's Kung Fu movies decided to make a new one?  And suppose they had no budget, one consumer-grade camera, and access to the best canned music and sound effects a Google search can supply?  Oh, and what if none of them actually knew any Kung Fu?  Well, you don't have to wonder.  You can hop on over to NetFlix and start streaming "The Last Kung Fu Monk" right now!  Oh, it hurts so good.

Tech Trucker
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I need crackers to go with my 80's cheese

THE STUFF {It's just like Slim-Fast?}

Cherry 2000 {Girl+Robots+Guns=B movie?}

Critters {I Love Punk Rock Tribbles?}

Hell Comes to Frogtown
 {Male electronic chastity belts, & Frog People?}

Warrior of the Lost World
{Everyone wants a talking battle bike running GNU!}

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Here's mine....

"Kindergarten Cop" with Arnold, the accent is really not fitting for the part

Another "Videodrome"  totally messed up, but avoided the TV for a week

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Crawlspace (2012)

Bad story, bad acting & very bad effects for a 2012 movie.

I see your Critters & raise you a Ghoulies. Both filmed in the same era and both so bad they're good.

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So I'm just settling down to watch Sharknado with the lady tonight, and suddenly I remember this wonderfully awful youtube trailer for a flick called Manborg:

If it's really as bad as the trailer suggests then I'm in. Thanks to the wonderful chatter on the podcast and this forum for jogging my memory on this one, as soon as I track it down I'll report back.


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Mega Python vs. Gatoroid

   Mega Python vs. Gatoriod is so horrible that my son and I could not stop watching and laughing.  It was on the Syfy channel need I say more?

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They Live

How has this "masterpiece" starring wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper not been mentioned?  Aliens invade, and the only one who can see them is Rowdy (with the help of some purloined alien sunglasses).  Some of the best lines:


(Rowdy sees an alien trying to surreptitiously send a distress message to his compatriots):  Momma don't like tattletales....(Rowdy blasts him)

And the all-time best line: 
"I have come here to chew bubble gum and kick ass.  And I'm all out of bubble gum...."

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Following in the wake of the superb Sharknado I watched Stonados recently. Good grief what a turd. Tornados springing up, sucking up water, sucking up rocks, magically turning rocks into exploding rocks due to some "unknown element". There are some moments of light relief that almost make it worth the effort but I wouldn't urge anyone to rush into it. Sharknado this aint. Disappointing.

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Bad Taste

Just remembered this peach of a comedy splatter movie - Bad Taste. If you haven't seen it then please do. All I'm gonna say is that this is one film that lives up to its title! Has some stand out hilarious moments, which I really don't want to spoil :)

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Bad Hometown Favorite Movie

Being from Cleveland Ohio one of my favorite bad movies is Howard the Duck. I believe it portrays Cleveland about as well as Cleveland should be. Punk music, weird creatures, and mad scientists are all here.


Greg Smith
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The wife and I love to watch

The wife and I love to watch SciFi movies just because they are so bad.  I'm kind of disappointed that it seems like they now know it and make them bad intentionally.

Yes, Sharknado is bad.  But it seems like one that is intentionally bad.  It would be a MUCH better bad movie if it was accidental.

But the ending with the big shark and the "hero" makes it worth it just for that.

Mark Cockrell
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This NEEDS to happen

The world needs this movie.  It's critical that they meet their goal.

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Truly the worst -- atleast the worst I ever paid to see

Gymkata - Kurt Thomas Olympic gymnast drafted by a spy agency to use his gymnastics based fighting skills to infiltrate a country they could not get into but that was hosting an international gymnastics competition. 


So bad that in the middle of the movie he is a town of zombie like people and in the town square there is a well that for fight purpose suddenly works just like a pummel horse.


So bad my eyes still bleed when I think about it.

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Random pick

Can't decide which best bad movie to watch? Try Netflix Roulette.

Grab your popcorn, choose a genre and spin away. I got Metal Tornado with Lou Diamond Phillips. Lord help me.

Greg Smith
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Wow!!! Kung Fury.  I can't

Wow!!! Kung Fury.  I can't wait.

I don't get what you guys like about Sharknado.  For me, the thing that makes a bad movie one of the best is that it was made to be good.  Everyone involved thought it was a good movie.  But that's not the case for Sharknado.  This was made to be bad.  That does NOT make it a great bad movie.  Yes, it has everything else that makes a bad movie great.  Except for the desire of the makers to have a good movie.


But if you want a bad movie, check out Sharktopus. 

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bad movies

bad movies



the human centipede 

the human centipede 2


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