Just on a break!!

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Just on a break!!


Hey everyone,
I've been touched by the number of people that have asked "Hey!  Where did 1M1W go?"
The short answer?  Nowhere.  
We're on a short, unplanned break, and our goal is to start recording next week.  We had to do a bit of internal re-tooling, but I think everything is good to go!
Thanks for missing us!
Aaron (And Don and Mark)
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Yep, I sure have been missing the show, Aaron deserves a break after his marathon, We sure need to remember all those runners, spectators, fans, and responders in the Boston Marathon in our thoughts and prayers.  I would like to hear from Roger Wright on his response to the attack whenever he has time. 


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Thanks Johnny!

I've talked with Roger, and he and those that he knows are fine (though he just twisted his knee this week!).   I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't fire something back up after the summer.  :)


Thanks again for all your support.



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