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Episode 2.5 - A Podcast on Podcasting

For this .5 episode Mark and Shawn discuss the art and nature of podcasting and try to answer the questions "What exactly is a podcast?" and "Is there a right or a wrong way to do it?" During the course of the show Mark promised to write an article describing a few different equipment setups for podcasters with budgets ranging from the meager to the relatively flush, and below is the result. (Note: The Tightwad Tech podcast is in no way affiliated with Musician's Friend.

Episode 2 - Moodle, Part 2


In this episode Mark and Shawn are joined by Pam Crandford of White Oak, Texas and Eric Schwalbach of Ocoee, Florida to discuss Moodle from the teacher's perspective.


Pam's Moode:

Episode 1 - Moodle, Part 1


In this episode Mark and Shawn are joined by Rusty Meyners and Ken Task to discuss the open source course management system "Moodle" with an emphasis on the tech side (i.e. setup and management).

Episode 0.5 - Mac vs PC

Shawn and Mark have an impromptu discussion on the whole Mac vs PC debate and a short but completely uneducated discussion on Apple's new iPad.


Tech Tip of the Week - MP3Gain