1M1W #1 - And Now for Something Completely Different



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  Join host Aaron Butler as he introduces "1 Meal - 1 Workout", his approach to food and fitness that has helped him in his own journey to lose more than 130 pounds (and counting!) 1 Meal - 1 Workout is not a diet or an exercise program. It's a philosophy that lets you fail and start again, move forward one day at a time, and make progress in your goals to live a healthy life.


Eat Less: Beware of "Calorie Dense Foods" If you're curious, you can look just about anything up on http://nutritiondata.self.com/ You can eat a medium fries from Wendy’s...or 4.5 apples, they're about the same calories.

Exercise More: Have the Right Perspective. Put your workouts on your calendar.  It's hard to make it to your next
workout when you don't know when it is. Make it, in your mind, as important as your day job.  If you don't go to work, you're not taking care of your family.  If you don't go to workOUT, you're not taking care of your family.